Brazilian scale-up PlataformaVerde wins

the Latam Edge Award in London today


The company competed with 119 scale-ups from Latin America


London, 13th of June 2019. This morning, at one of London Science Museum’s most modern event spaces, Brazilian scale-up PlataformaVerde won the 2019 Latam Edge Award, after being evaluated against three other finalists from Brazil and one from Chile.


After going through two selection processes and being evaluated by experts in innovation from Latin America and the United Kingdom, PlataformaVerde was awarded the prize of one year in complementary services from companies such as Deloitte, GrupoCASAUK and Brazil (PR), Eydos Digital (Marketing Digital), Sapovalova Coaching and Fieldfisher (law). The company will also receive support in opening a business and banking account via SGS Partners and an office space at WeWork Labs with two positions completely free of charge. Without the award, the total cost of these services for PlataformaVerde would amount to approximately £125.000.


“With this award we will dare to be global”, said Chicko Souza, CEO of PlataformaVerde, already thinking about the many new developments he will be working on in the United Kingdom in order to grow his company. “We competed against incredible ideas, and I didn’t think we were going to win,” he concluded, adding that he really benefited from the coaching process ahead of the award, which allowed him to fine-tune his three-minute long presentation.




Pedro Pereira from  ePHealth, Luiz Piovesan,  from Sensedia, Chicko Sousa from PlataformaVerde, Carlos Tristan from Squid and Tamara Medina from Sapovalova Coaching.


PlataformaVerde™ is a tool for industries, trades, conveyors, service units, managers and solid waste final destinations that assists control and inspection between private entities and governments, with the aim of track and inhibit: irregular landfills, junk discards, carriers, vehicles, unlicensed destinations, among others.

PlataformaVerde™ is the world's first online environmental management network. "Through our solution, the  company can manage its environmental CRM in a consolidated way, on time and online, with all its network of relationships that acts in the management, control, transportation and destination of its solid waste," finalizes Souza.

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