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Inteview with Winner 2018

Last year Winner, Biomitech, is now following its path to expand to the UK . CARLOS MONROY, CEO and Founder of Biomitech talked to us and explained the value of LEA 2018 for his company . Stay tuned!

"The Latam Edge Award has given us a lot of visibility and this has sparked the interest of many potential clients, interested in purchasing our technology. Furthermore, the award has given us a very clear vision of how to enter the English market.

One interesting aspect of the award is that it helped us to understand the various ways we can improve our company and, with that, we became more aware of not only how highly competitive the English market, but also of the cultural nuances between our countries. The award has undoubtedly brought to light strategic information that helped expand our vision of where we are and where we intend to go.

Now, our next step is to certify our technology with the English Accreditation System, which will give us the backing of an English institution, verifying the efficacy of our products. We also want to establish a microalgae laboratory in England in order to provide the necessary maintenance to our systems that will soon be installed in the country."

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