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Digital marketing to support your expansion in the UK

EYDOS Digital Business is LatAm Edge Award's digital specialist and a strong partner to the ones that want to turn people’s online curiosity into tangible results and, yes, ultimately sales. Since a whopping 90% of all internet queries in Latin America are done via Google, according to comScore, Inc., the search engine is an effective place to start. On the opposite side, coming from Latin America needs a strong comprehension of the UK market and people's behavior.

"The key is intersecting the customer’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). Traditionally, there were just two moments of truth; the First Moment of Truth (when a customer buys a product) and the Second Moment of Truth (when they experience or use it). says Jerónimo Santamaria, CEO of Eydos. "The internet has changed that since customers now have the ability to research products or services online before they buy them. That moment when people use Google to find out more about a potential product is the ZMOT. So, how do we use this moment? Well, it’s all about intersecting it and ensuring that what these potential customers see is positive. In doing so, we’re able to influence people and their buying habits, i.e. whether they choose to progress to the First Moment of Truth or not. This really is where the magic happens in terms of digital marketing."

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