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Latin American Tech Day 2019 - New sponsor announcement: SGS Partners

We are pleased to announce that SGS Partners have joined the Latin American Day & LATAM Edge Award as a brand-new sponsor.

SGS is an independent professional firm providing high-value services for corporate & private clients, such as cross-border transactions, international investments and wealth planning. The company, headquartered in London and with offices in Lugano, Switzerland, has gained substantial experience working with start-ups, scale-ups, UK non-resident investors and expatriates with multi-jurisdictions interests and assets. Some of their services are the incorporation of international companies, administration, secretarial services and directorship, bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, VAT and compliance services across jurisdictions, international tax planning and relocation services.

More recently, SGS Partners have launched a dedicated LatAm desk that acts as a hub for investors and companies interested in developing their reach to Europe and the UK. This new launch responds to a visible growing demand from Latin America businesses, in particular start-ups and scale-ups with very interesting and innovative products and solutions, for support in their expansion endeavours beyond their continent.

SGS Partners provide assistance in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French and Bulgarian.

Gabriele Schiavone, Founder and managing Director of SGS Partners, said: “SGS is delighted to be a sponsor of the Latin America Tech Day. We are honoured to share our professional expertise with Latin American companies investing and operating in the UK and in other European countries. By being international consultants and at the same time expatriates as well, SGS is able to bridge the gap between the Latin American entrepreneurial way and UK business approach”.

Simone Vittorio Stasi, Principal and Partner of SGS Partners, said: “The UK is the epicentre of the scale-up and Tech. The UK economy continues to grow at double digits in terms of both capital and scale-up volume. Despite the uncertain political climate scale-up development in the UK is strong and is expected to continue to grow. We see a lot of opportunities, especially in the Tech and IOT sectors.”


Simone Vittorio Stasi is acting as Principal in SGS & Partners. After an experience in the consulting area of an international merchant bank and many years in business advisory and fiduciary and trustees companies, he participated in SGS & Partners growth strategy, implementing corporate structures and dealing with cross-border transactions assistance to companies and expatriates. Simone is an independent member of the board of directors in UK, Swiss, Irish and Italian companies that are active in art, insurance, real estate, business management and engineering. He is also a member of the board of the Westminster Russia Forum, a London-based forum that was founded to promote a greater cultural, commercial and political understanding between the UK and Russian Federation.


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